BC Coding Workshops

Sponsored by FIRST Robotics and Government of Canada through the CanCode initiative, PixelPAD is offering complimentary workshops to schools across BC. Tailored to students in grades 5 - 7, our proven learning curriculum provides engaging self-paced learning for all experience levels, from beginners to advanced coders.

Workshop Format

  • Our Coding Workshops typically run for 1 day a week for 4 weeks, over the entire school day i.e. 9:00am - 3:00pm.
  • Our instructor will set up at the computer lab or library during the "Tech" block and have classes of students cycle in throughout the day.
  • Our continuous curriculum allows students to progress at their own pace through the content over 4 weeks, while the instructor is available to answer any questions the students may have.
  • Our coding workshops will feature 4 weeks of coding content from multiple disciplines, including Bramble Berry Tales and the FTCSim.
  • Have specific questions? E-mail our lead instructor, Daniel Vibar, at daniel@pixelpad.io

Workshop Content

Bramble Berry Tales
In partnership with Bramble Berry Tales, parts of our curriculum feature content based on the indigenous folklore of Canada's West Coast.

What is Bramble Berry Tales? Set in modern day Canada, the series follows siblings Thomas and Lily and their whimsical encounters with characters that originate from the folklore of the Indigenous people of the land. Part adventure story, part history lesson, each story mixes myth with animation in order to effectively capture and preserve key oral histories from the aboriginal inhabitants of Canada's West Coast.
Parts of our curriculum will incorporate ftcsim.org a virtual robotics simulator, that allows students to solve robot puzzles inspired by real-life competitive robotics events organized by FIRST robotics!

What is ftcsim.org? FTCSim is a virtual robotics software designed for teachers, coaches, students, and team members to learn Block-based and Java robot programming in a simulated FIRST Tech Challenge environment. FTCSim offers self-guided tutorials that include more than 50 Robot Puzzles, Monthly Challenges, and Multiplayer Mode!

Workshop Materials

Our instructors arrive equipped with supplies, booklets, and enthusiasm to run engaging workshops throughout the day.
Other than the materials that the instructors will bring, schools hosting the workshops need to supply students with ANY (not all) of the following: laptops, tablets, computers, or iPads (with keyboard extensions).
No downloading of software is needed - PixelPAD is entirely browser-based.
No Fees
All workshops are sponsored by FIRST Robotics and the Government of Canada's CanCode initiative, making workshops free for all schools in BC. Please use the form below to book workshops with us.
Have questions prior to booking?
Please contact our Lead Instructor, Daniel Vibar, at daniel@pixelpad.io.